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OSCE media freedom representative calls on Azerbaijan to investigate attack against journalist

The OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, Miklos Haraszti, condemned today the stabbing of Agil Khalil, a reporter of the Azerbaijani opposition newspaper Azadliq, and urged the government to investigate. "I welcome the Presidential Administration’s pledge to bring the attackers to justice," Haraszti said. "Action is necessary not only for the sake of justice in this case but also in order to investigate whether the attack was part of a campaign against Azadliq, which is one of the few remaining independent newspapers in Azerbaijan."

Khalil remained in serious condition on Monday. He was stabbed in the back on Thursday as he was leaving the editorial offices of Azadliq.

"The recent imprisonment on various charges of Azadliq journalists Ganimat Zahidov and his brother Zahid Zahidov, has added to an atmosphere of intimidation as much as an earlier assault against Khalil."

Khalil was beaten by two men on 22 February while working. Suspects identified by him remain at large. "Lack of successful governmental investigation in cases of violence against journalists encourages the repetition of such crimes," Haraszti said. "The international community and journalists in Azerbaijan are still waiting for concrete results of the investigation of the 2005 murder of prominent journalist Elmar Huseynov, and of the numerous, so far unpunished, attacks against journalists that took place in recent years."

Haraszti said his Office was closely following the investigation into the attack on Khalil.

OPEC daily basket Preis vom 19.März 2008

OPEC daily basket Preis belief sich am am 19.März 2008 auf $ 100.10 pro Barrel

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An Austrian Institution leaves the Building…

If you were in need of controlling your clocks at home, on the way to somewhere and the clock stopped, or sometimes just feeling lonely..

Who did you call?

The austrian Timeannouncement-Service!

Every Austrian remembers the legendary words “Es wird mit dem Summerton …”.

The service originated back in the dark years of 3rd Reich, when on the 21.06.1941 the first automatic announcement Service for whole “Ostmark” was installed in Linz (Upper Austria).

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148th Meeting of the OPEC Conference

The 148th (Ordinary) Meeting of the Conference of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) convened in Vienna, Austria, on 5 March 2008, under the Chairmanship of the Minister of Energy and Mines of Algeria and Head of its Delegation HE Dr Chakib Khelil, and its Alternate Conference President, Minister of Petroleum of Angola and Head of its Delegation HE Desidério da Graça Veríssimo e Costa.

Attending the Conference as Observers, were the Minister of Petroleum of the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Assistant Secretary of Energy of Mexico, the Deputy Minister of Oil and Gas of the Sultanate of Oman, the Deputy Minister of Industry and Energy of the Russian Federation, and the Minister of Energy and Mining of Sudan.

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