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“I like to be alone and drawing flowers”

An Interview with Evgenya Sochneva


Today we are talking with Evgenya Sochneva, young and interesting russian writer. Who are writing essays and trying to show through her vision reality as mystic interlacing of chances  and materialization of ideas.


Y.K.: All you characters and situations in your stories are invented? Or you are taking them from real life?

E.S.: Absolutely all are taken from the real life and from dreams. Every character is an existent person, alive or dead. Sometimes I’m writing based on the impressions from books, films and songs, but however try to find myself in it or some acquaintance people.

Y.K.: How often you writing in your stories about yourself?

E.S.: Often. More frequently I’m describing sad events, which were happened to me, and mostly happy moments are hidden.

Y.K.: What are you currently working on? Who has influenced you in your writing now? How much of this are base on real things?

E.S.: At this moment I’m writing about a real person and how strongly it changed my life now. A half will be the truth, other by my fantasy, what I dream about .Also there will be much symbolism.

Y.K.: What was the book that most influenced you in your life — and why?

E.S.: Memorized and oftentimes read and re-read is "Master and  Margaret" by Mikhail Bulgakov. I’ve been always interested and until now the theme of unsteadiness interests between good and evil. And love of course must be.

Y.K.: What are you reading right now? Are there any authors that you would name as influences?

E.S.: My mother for a long time could’t teach me to read .And besides I didn’t quite want  to do it, because every evening my dad had  always read to me. But once I went to library….List of my favorite books and authors will be too long. But I like all which attribute to style called “mystic realism” or “magic realism”. Gabriel Garcia Márquez for example. Also I like Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Hermann Hesse, Haruki Murakami. Although for me can be interesting whatever from biographies up to the fairy-tales and detectives.

Y.K.: What else do you want your readers to know about you? Your likes and dislikes, your interests and hobbies.

E.S.: Well I’m a Buddhist. I like to be alone and drawing flowers. Always wanted to be a painter of aquarelle.

Y.K.: What role has the Internet played in your writing?

E.S.: Internet is playing very large role for me. Because first place, where I realized my written stories was internet. I have my blog there and I  like, that people whom i don’t know read  my diary not seeing me. There are sometimes very strange  virtual acquaintances which also inspires me.

Y.K.: If you were asked to pen a screenplay for one of your stories, would you be interested in doing it?

E.S.: I would like too, but I think for this I need a special education.

 Y.K.: In which style and technique you prefer to write?

E.S.: For 10 years already im writing a diary, that’s why my preferred style is essay or short stories. Conception to describe reality through my internal vision and feeling. Reality as mystic interlacing of chances  and materialization of ideas.

Y.K.: For writing you need some special mood or it’s easier for you?

E.S.: Yes, I think most times I need special mood. And sometimes I’m writing just not to forget.

Y.K.: What is your opinion about modern literature in Russia?

E.S.: I can’t say that I systematically and deeply studied modern Russian authors. Much of them, certainly, nowhere fits. I think like this everywhere, not only in Russia. Mostly publishing exceptionally in commercial aims. Like stories from the bored wives of rich businessmen. It’s not really interesting.

Y.K.: If you would have all day free how do you prefer to spend your time?

E.S.: Depending on a mood, .If it’s bad I prefer to clean something up.Sometimes I like to be in loneliness, so that if I am free of all and from everything, rather I will go for a walk alone without  a special route.

Y.K.: What country you want to visit more?

E.S.: India and Hong Kong. India like a country of a mind. And Hong Kong- to be finally mislaid.

Y.K.: Maybe you have some future projects already, or not finished. Can you tell us something about this?

E.S.: I would like to write a fairy-tale, I even began, but something stopped me. And also, I would like to make two short movies about cats and dancing women.

Y.K.: Thank you for interesting conversation. And good luck for you!

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